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Class of 1965

October, 2021 The class of 1965 has been supporting the 50th Reunion Leadership Scholarship since the beginning in 2017! We have joined with the other

Class of 1966

October, 2021 Recently Steve Grinnell, ’69, has relieved Mike Hughes of his duties as Board Chairperson of the 50th Reunion Leadership Scholarship. Steve brings an

Class of 1968

June, 2019 The YSHS class of 1968 celebrated their 50th reunion during the weekend of June 29, 2018. It was great to see classmates, remember

Class of 1969

October, 2021 Celebration: definition. “A party or other festive event celebrating something”. In the midst of the world wide Covid pandemic, not knowing we’d still

Class of 1970

October, 2021 Greetings ’70 Classmates and Friends, I write to you as a member of the 50th Reunion Leadership Scholarship Board. In the year that

Class of 1971

November, 2021 When planning our 50th reunion the one thing we were sure of was that we had to be flexible. Covid vaccines had just

Neighborhood Block Contact Map

The YSCF, in its role as the coordinating organization for the community response to the COVID-19 crisis, is helping to organize and operate a network

Nonprofit CARES Act Resources

The following information has been identified by the YSCF as “simple and straightforward” resources for nonprofits regarding the CARES Act. While there are many different


The National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton provides life-changing diversity and inclusion programming for young people in Yellow Springs. Students Promoting Inclusion,

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