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Glossary of Foundation Terms

501(c)(3) Section of the Internal Revenue Code that designates an organization as charitable and tax-exempt. Organizations qualifying under this section include religious, educational, charitable, amateur

Bulldog Scholarship

Bulldog Scholarship awards up to $1000, or two awards of up to $500 each Please write two short essays answering the following prompts: Tell us

50th Class Reunion Donations

The link below takes you directly to the 50th Reunion Scholarship online donation page. Please put the graduation year (example: Class of 1972) and the allocation of the donation between “Leadership” and “Vo/Tech” (for Vocational/Technical) in the Donation Notes field.

50th Class Reunion Messages

We are introducing the Messages page where the plan is to invite past scholarship winners to share their thoughts and experiences.

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Donate with ACH Electronic Transfer

Please fill out the form below to contact YSCF or call 937-767-2655.

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