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Miller Fellowship

Student Miller Fellowship

Miller Fellowships are unique opportunities for students to work in paid positions with our local nonprofit organizations. Miller Fellowships help foster multigenerational engagement between students and the Yellow Springs community by serving local area nonprofits. These opportunities demonstrate to students the importance the Miller brothers placed on service to the community in which they lived.

”The Miller fellow Program has greatly impacted the trajectory of my college career and life. Without the Nonprofit Leadership Institute, I wouldn’t be as prepared to creatively and expertly face problems within my host organizations and in my career goals.“
William Rice
Miller Fellow, Antioch College, NLI Cohort-5

Encore Miller Fellows

In 2018, the Foundation added Encore Miller Fellowships. The Encores are based on the national Encore program, which seeks to engage those in midlife and beyond to use their invaluable life and work experience to make a positive social impact on communities.

Encore positions are a result of further innovation on the part of the Yellow Spring Community Foundation to implement the Miller brothers’ legacy. They are an expanded benefit to Antioch College, Yellow Springs, and our local nonprofit organizations. It is a vision of collaboration and service, of bridging the gap between generations, and of bringing students and community together. The Encore Miller Fellows work in our local nonprofits, mentor student Miller Fellows, and identify specific projects and initiatives as their work takes shape.

This inclusion of the Encore Miller Fellows fits the Miller brothers’ desire for their legacy to recognize intergenerational connections at local nonprofit organizations and their importance to the community, such as the support the Yellow Springs Senior Center gave to them in their later lives.

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”An awesome experience! I have truly enjoyed being an Encore Miller Fellow over the past three years. Being able to contribute my experience, a little bit of knowledge and yes hands-on labor, to our local nonprofits and college/high school students in the Miller Program, has been rewarding. I've learned a lot! Kudos to the Yellow Springs Community Foundation for a program well done!”
Jalyn Roe

Nonprofit Miller Fellow Employers

Nonprofits within Yellow Springs and Miami Township can apply in the fall for a Miller Fellow who will be employed at their nonprofit for one year, learning about the nonprofit’s mission and philanthropy, and working in an intergenerational environment. 

Application Process for Nonprofit Miller Fellow Employers

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation accepts applications once a year from Yellow Springs nonprofit organizations that wish to receive grant funding to employ Miller Fellows in their organization on an annual basis.

The grant amounts are structured to accommodate one part-time Miller Fellow (10 hours/week for 10 weeks) or a full-time intern Miller Fellow (30 hours/week for ten weeks). The grant provides nonprofits the flexibility to manage the amount of time worked in hours and in weeks based on the needs of the nonprofit and the availability of the Miller Fellow.

The awarded grant funds must be used to employ Miller Fellows ideally in intergenerational work.

Miller Fellows

The nonprofits will be able to identify and hire Miller Fellows at any time during the year. Eligibility requirements for Miller Fellows:

  • A full-time, degree-seeking student in good standing at a Greene County college or university with a preference towards an Antioch College student
  • A high school student who is a resident of Yellow Springs / Miami Township or an attendee at Yellow Springs High School; high school Miller Fellows must be 16 years old or older.
  • A resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township under the age of 25 in a gap year before or during college or home for a vacation period
  • The identified Miller Fellow can be a current employee of the nonprofit if they meet the requirements above.

Nonprofits awarded grant monies for Miller Fellows will manage the funds to pay Miller Fellows directly.

”Glen Helen has been hosting Miller Fellows since the program began. They work with us at the Raptor Center, out on the trails, and as part of our public-facing work. I love the fact that they are learning meaningful workplace skills while helping us fulfill the work of the organization. They help us make a difference, and we are grateful to them, and to the YSCF for making this program possible.”
Nick Boutis
Executive Director, Glen Helen Association

Congratulations Miller Program for 10 Years of Community Collaboration

200 Miller Fellow Ambassadors

6 Encore Miller Fellows

25+ Nonprofits Host Organizations Served

6 Nonprofit Leadership Institutes Held

14 Youth Action Board Ambassadors

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