Youth Action Board Grant

The 2022 YSCF Youth Action Board’s area of focus is to provide support for the “Insecurity of Needs” – specifically housing, food and hygiene products to youth of Yellow Springs and Miami Township.

The Youth Action Board believes that access to affordable local housing, healthy and nutritious food and hygiene products (toiletries and menstrual items) are a basic and necessary human right that should not be restricted by one’s socio-economic status, race, identity, mobility, or any other possible discriminating factor. Young people experience a variety of emotional distress including lack of confidence, dignity, embarrassment, insecurity, loss of self-esteem, hunger, and many health issues related to the lack of these basic human needs. We have seen these insecurities magnified through the pandemic, and believe continued support for these insecurities can increase our youth’s capacity to thrive physically, intellectually, and emotionally into adulthood.

We invite local nonprofits to create a new or extend a current project that the Youth Action Board will help fund in the amount of $4,000 or more to assist in providing affordable and accessible healthy food to the youth of Yellow Springs and Miami Township. Deadline: April 3, 2022.


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