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Youth Action Board Grant

The 2024 YSCF Youth Action Board’s area of focus is to provide better access to nutritious food to the youth in the community of Yellow Springs and Miami Township.

The Youth Action Board believes that access to healthy nutritious food is a basic and necessary human need that should not be restricted by one’s socio-economic status, race, identity, mobility, or any other possible discriminating factor. Young people in the community struggle to find fresh nutritious and affordable food consistently at school, in town, and in their homes. We believe continued support for this can increase our youth’s capacity to thrive physically, intellectually, and emotionally into adulthood.

We invite all local nonprofits to apply for this grant with a new project or extend a current project that the YSCF Youth Action Board will help fund up to $10,000 to assist in providing support for accessible nutritious food to the youth of Yellow Springs and Miami Township.

The 2023 Youth Action Board decided to award a directed grant of $6,600 to the Yellow Springs Schools in support of extending days of mental health care from 2 full days in 2022-23, to 4 full days in 2023-24 at both buildings. The Yellow Springs Schools had already budgeted expanding days for mental health professionals to serve our youth in the 2023-24 school year to 3.5 days, and with the help of the Youth Action Board and matching funds from YSCF, the schools contracted 4 full days for both school buildings.

The 2022 Youth Action Board awarded two grants of $4,400 to Feminist Health Fund for over 400 hygiene kits, and Florence Randolph, Community Outreach, YSPD for food support (outside of pantries) and housing support for youth.

The 2021 Youth Action Board Grant of $2,000 was awarded to Agraria for the Youth Foraging Garden.

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