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Giving for Today – The Annual Campaign

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation encourages the support of short-term, current needs in the community. On a regular random basis, we send modest unsolicited grants to small and/or beginning community efforts that we think will benefit from an unexpected “pat on the back.” We are always on the lookout for outreach opportunities to encourage nonprofits to apply to us for grant support. While we are mindful of and committed to the long-term future (see Giving for Tomorrow), we are conscientious custodians of our present (see Our Impact).

The primary purpose of the Annual Campaign is to raise unrestricted funds—money that is available to support current grant requests from the community. While support for grant requests can sometimes come from endowment funds, it is the unrestricted funds that allow the greatest flexibility.

A secondary purpose of the campaign is to remind the community of the work of the Foundation and to encourage a broad base of community support. Our guiding principle is that it is the size of your heart that is important, not the size of your gift! The Annual Campaign is conducted between the Thanksgiving holiday and the end of the year.

In addition to unrestricted funds, our Endowment Funds provide annual support to a number of community organizations, including Glen Helen, The Community Children’s Center, the library, a number of student scholarships, and senior citizens.

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