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Nonprofit Leadership Institute

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) engages and inspires community service by introducing students to Yellow Springs area nonprofits. The NLI fosters an understanding of philanthropy and nonprofits, builds leadership skills, and provides service opportunities with hands-on work experience within the Yellow Springs community for professional and personal endeavors. The NLI is the YSCF foundational training program for the Miller Fellow Program and is a requirement for all Miller Fellowships.

Participants will gain educational and hands-on work experience with Yellow Springs area nonprofits. The Institute is intended to raise awareness about philanthropy, and nonprofits – where they are, what they do, how they operate, and their value to communities. The Institute will focus on knowledge about and exposure to professional work environments, communication, grants, and the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy. Participants will also have opportunities to work with nonprofit staff. This will build leadership skills and exposure for professional and personal endeavors. The Institute consists of Workshop Sessions, Panel Discussions, and Work Sessions.

”The Institute helped me better understand the logistics of nonprofits, how they function internally, and what drives them to success.“
Allison Bothwell
Yellow Springs High School, Class of 2017, NLI Cohort 1
”It felt great to help my community. I realized that nonprofit boards lack a younger generation, and I have the power to change that and volunteer myself.“
Ian Chick
YSHS Class of 2015, NLI Cohort 1

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