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Young adults’ unique perspectives on the community and the world help guide our collective direction into the future, which is why we strive to provide our youth opportunities to learn, grow, engage with our nonprofits, and develop philanthropically through scholarships, the Miller Fellowship Program, Youth Roots Action Board, and the Nonprofit Leadership Institute.

In addition to 30 scholarships available to local public school seniors, we provide opportunities for high school students to engage in the world of philanthropy through leadership training in the Youth Roots Action Board and Nonprofit Leadership Institute.

We invite Greene County college students to attend our Nonprofit Leadership Institute and become certified through our Miller Program to work at local nonprofits.

We also invite people 50 years old and older who live in Yellow Springs or Miami Township to apply through our Encore Miller Program to work intergenerationally at local nonprofits.

And new in 2022: We encourage individuals of any age needing an assist due to challenging circumstances to apply for our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion grant for individuals.

Together, we can do more!

Join us.

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