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NextGen Philanthropy

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation (YSCF) believes in fostering the next generation (NextGen) in our community to engage in philanthropy as volunteers, donors, and board members.

YSCF Youth Action Board

The YSCF Youth Action Board is a diverse group of MMS/YSHS fearless thinking students who are passionate about solving community issues for youth and making the world a better place. The YSCF Youth Action Board, our local chapter of a national program “YouthRoots” is a student driven program with a ten year proven track record of engaging students more deeply and profoundly in their own communities.

Youth Philanthropy Endowment (aka Charlotte Drake)

The Charlotte Drake Youth Philanthropy Endowment was created to encourage our NextGen of young philanthropists to engage in the active philanthropic and grantmaking process. The Youth Philanthropy Grants are dedicated to philanthropic projects (humanitarian or community based) of young people in grades K-12 in the Yellow Springs Schools. Applications are reviewed by the Youth Philanthropy Grant Review Committee, made up of students grades 4-12.

YSCF Giving Circle

Created in 2020, the YSCF Giving Circle is comprised of young people in their 20’s and 30’s from the community who wish to learn about local needs and philanthropy. It is based on an international model of participatory philanthropy, and currently focuses on grantmaking for social justice purposes to individuals of all ages in the 45387 zipcode.

Miller Fellows

Miller Fellows are interns employed at local nonprofits to carry out the goals of the Miller Endowment by fostering good will between local college and high school students and the Yellow Springs intergenerational community. By serving local area nonprofits, students learn to appreciate the importance the Miller brothers placed on service to the community in which they live.

Encore Miller Fellows

Encore Miller Fellows (Encores) are instrumental to the Miller Fellows Program, the Nonprofit Leadership Institute, and the support of area nonprofits on behalf of the YSCF and the Miller Endowment. The YSCF Encore mission is to foster mutual respect between high school, colleges, village and township, by mentoring youth, engaging seniors, facilitating collaboration, and building capacity among local nonprofits. Encore Miller Fellows are 50+ years of age and bring their valuable experiences to the program.

Nonprofit Leadership Institute

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) engages and inspires area youth and adults in community service by introducing them to Yellow Springs area nonprofits. The NLI fosters an understanding of nonprofits, builds leadership skills, and provides service opportunities with hands-on work experience within the Yellow Springs community for future professional and personal endeavors. The NLI is the YSCF foundational training program for Miller Fellows and also for future board members and volunteers of local area nonprofits.


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