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Encore Miller Fellows

Encore Miller Fellows (Encores) are 50+ years of age and bring their valuable experiences to the Miller Program. Encores work with Miller Fellows and our local nonprofits to provide seasoned support to enhance the student’s experience and contribute their talents to the organizations they work for. The Encores also foster collaborative opportunities between local nonprofit organizations in alignment with the foundation.

Encore Miller Fellows (Encores) are instrumental to the Miller Fellows Program, the Nonprofit Leadership Institute, and the support of area nonprofits on behalf of the YSCF and the Miller Endowment. The YSCF Encore mission is to foster mutual respect between high school, colleges, village and township, by mentoring youth, engaging seniors, facilitating collaboration, and building capacity among local nonprofits.

Encore Miller Fellows identify specific projects and initiatives as their work takes shape. These positions are a result of further innovation on the part of the Yellow Spring Community Foundation to implement the Miller brothers’ legacy. They are an expanded benefit to Antioch College, its students, Yellow Springs, and our nonprofit organizations. It is a vision of collaboration and service, of bridging the gap between generations, and of bringing students and community together.

In 2018, the Yellow Springs Community Foundation added Encore Miller Fellows to the already existing student Miller Fellows Program. These newer roles are based on the national Encore program, which seeks to engage those in midlife and beyond to use their life and work experience to make a positive social impact on communities. This expansion of the fellowships also fits the Miller brothers’ desire for their legacy to recognize local nonprofit organizations and their importance to the community, such as the support the Yellow Springs Senior Center gave to them in their later lives. The legacy of Nolan and Richard Miller’s endowment continues to grow!

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