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Professional Financial Advisors

Are your clients doing estate planning? Exercising stock options? Managing an inheritance? We can help you help them achieve their charitable and financial goals.

We work with professional advisors, providing strategic counsel and helping integrate philanthropy into an estate plan, as you identify the best solutions for a client.

We help guide and make grants for charitable activities important to the Yellow Springs and Miami Township community and its residents.

Why Advisors Choose the YSCF

  1. You control the client relationship. We can extend the range of services you offer.
  2. We’re flexible about the types of assets we accept and the kinds of funds your clients can establish. We offer a variety of investment vehicles. See our Fees & Policies.
  3. We help your clients build philanthropic legacies. When donors set up permanent funds, they rest assured we’ll honor the charitable legacy in their names—and at the same time, keeping it current should circumstances change.
  4. Tax smart. Your client receives the maximum income tax deduction allowed by law for charitable contributions, greater than the deduction to a private foundation for certain gifts.
  5. You will find our rates are competitive with other community foundations, and our gifts help support Yellow Springs and Miami Township along with your area of interest.

Types of Assets

Your clients might be surprised by the ways they can give, and the financial and tax benefits available. We have significant experience accepting:

  • retirement plan assets, such as IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s
  • publicly traded stock and closely-held stock
  • cash and cryptocurrency
  • mutual funds
  • life insurance

Fund Advisors

The Foundation offers personalized assistance to ensure your fund’s investment in the community is maximized. We provide 24-hour, secure log-in access to view activity such as grants and earnings, quarterly reports, etc. to make your job easy.

By accepting the role of Fund Advisor for a fund managed by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, you are agreeing to the following Confidentiality and Disclosure Statement. If you cannot or are unwilling to meet the terms of this statement, please relinquish your duties as Fund Advisor.

During the time that I serve as a Fund Advisor of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation (YSCF), I realize that I will gain access to information that is considered to be confidential and/or proprietary.

Because confidential and proprietary information, including donor and donation data, is crucial to the operation of the Foundation, and because the Foundation in some instances has the obligation to protect such information, I agree that I will not use, publish, or disclose such information during or subsequent to my role as a Fund Advisor, and I will preserve the restricted nature of this information except to the extent that it becomes publicly available, or is otherwise lawfully obtained outside the scope of this agreement from third parties.

Additionally, as a Fund Advisor, I realize that I have an obligation to disclose and eliminate (if necessary) any potential or actual duality of interest or conflict of interest.

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