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Class of 1971

November, 2021

When planning our 50th reunion the one thing we were sure of was that we had to be flexible. Covid vaccines had just become available and the country was newly opening after the pandemic. A group of us met regularly via Zoom for several months to plan an event that we knew may not happen. Given all the uncertainties I am happy to say that we managed to organize a super fun and fabulously attended celebration. Classmates came from all four corners of the country and many places in between.

We started the activities on Friday morning with a trip down the Little Miami River. We had a choice of three types of watercraft: canoe, kayak or inflatable raft. The weather was spectacular, warm, sunny and no humidity. It is a short trip so we planned to take it slowly and spend a relaxing few hours on the river. We managed to make it almost halfway before a canoe in our flotilla capsized. It was not the last. The river is not deep, even so there was some concern for the occupants. All was well and each of us made it back to dry land safe and sound. There is a reason the outfitters suggest bringing a dry change of clothes! Mostly there was much hilarity and only a few belongings were lost to last be seen floating down river.

We then returned to town for a casual meet up with others at the Barrel House Brewery in the old bowling alley. A highlight of that evening was a phone call from Ben Shackman in Hawaii. We took over the outside patio and were having so much fun we didn’t want to leave and had to be kicked out. Big thanks to Carl Champney and his wife Charlene for letting us continue the festivities at their house on their beautiful deck.

Saturday was the big day. We met at The Lodge at Clifton Reserve, a beautiful spot on the river with a huge deck allowing us to stay outside. Our food was provided by La Pampa food truck as well as Tom’s Market and Current Cuisine. We spent the afternoon and into evening eating and reconnecting. David Hardman used his creativity to devise a trivia game to highlight how well we remembered each other and our high school years. The prize for correct answers was a commemorative tumbler. We were all winners!

Nothing was officially planned for Sunday which was the fourth of July. Many Gathered to watch the parade and then on “the hill” to watch the fireworks. What a nice send off for a memorable weekend.

Becky Sikes
Class of 1971

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