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Collaborative Grant Proposal Requirements: Letter of Intent (LOI)

We want to encourage and support collaborative efforts that address real and pressing needs in the community in novel ways. These efforts require innovation, problem solving, lasting and positive community impact, and active, broad community participation toward intended outcomes that can be seen, measured, felt, and observed. All of this must be accomplished by groups that come together to make change that likely would not happen by individuals or groups working and thinking separately.

In no more than 1000 words, provide an overview of your proposal:

  1. What problem does this project seek to solve? Or, what opportunity does this project seek to exploit?
  2. What will this project achieve? What will result from it? What do you hope to do that no organization working alone can achieve?
  3. How will this project affect, better, or improve our community?
  4. What organizations (at least 3) will collaborate on this project? What will be the role and responsibility of each organization?
  5. Who is each collaborating partner’s coordinator for this project? Please include each coordinator’s contact information (email, phone).
  6. What persons or officers in the collaborating organizations will provide coordination among the organizations?
  7. When will the project happen? Outline the stages of the project or provide a timeline of what will happen over the course of the project.
  8. How will the participating organizations leverage what’s already available or already being done to address the problem or opportunity?
  9. How much money will this project require? Will each participating organization share equally in the funding? If not, why not? Attach a separate, one-page budget overview.

After response from and discussion with a committee of the Foundation, you will be invited to prepare a more detailed proposal that provides a clear outline of the project; the roles and tasks to be taken on by each of the collaborating organizations and their members; the budget for each aspect of the project and each collaborating organization; the timeline for completing the project; and the anticipated results and impact on the community, both in the short and long terms.

For questions and additional support please contact Chloe Manor. The YSCF looks forward to working with you on your grant request. Together we can do more. Join Us!

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