Youth Action Board

We surpassed our goal! Thank you!

The 2023 YSCF Youth Action Board (YAB) fundraising effort had an ambitious goal of raising $5,000 to ensure more mental health professional support at both buildings in the Yellow Springs Schools this year. The board surpassed that ambitious goal with the help of generous Impact Partners raising $6,100 to date. This year’s area of focus was to provide support for Mental Health – specifically, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention to the youth of Yellow Springs and Miami Township. 100% of the funds YAB raises go directly to the local nonprofit who best meets the focus area goal.

The YAB have seen their peer’s mental health deteriorate and was magnified through the pandemic. They believe continued support for this can increase our youth’s capacity to thrive physically, intellectually, and emotionally into adulthood.

The YSCF Youth Action Board decided to award a directed grant to the Yellow Springs Schools in support of extending days of mental health care from 2 full days in 2022-23, to 4 full days in 2023-24 at both buildings. The Yellow Springs Schools had already budgeted expanding days for mental health professionals to serve our youth in the 2023-24 school year to 3.5 days, and with the help of the Youth Action Board and matching funds from YSCF, the schools contracted 4 full days for both school buildings. We are still in need of $3,900 to reach the ultimate goal of $10,000.

Thank you Impact Partners for 2023

Barb & Rich Bullock
Karen & Matt Denman
Teresa Dunphy & Tommaso Gregor
Jeannamarie Cox & Earl Reeder
Sandy McHugh & Jerry Sutton
Lisa Abel & Lynn Adams
Catherine Anderson
Fred & Joy Bartenstein
Isabella Beiring
Mayor Pam Conine
Chris & Linda Cox
Antonia Dosik & Len Kramer
Matt & Erika Grushon
Donna Haller
Melissa Heston & Mary Kay Smith
Artie & Alisa Isaac
Aida Merhemic & Bob Barcus
Desiree Nickell
Macy & Roger Reynolds
Aiden Scavone

The YSCF would especially like to thank Superintendent Dr. Terri Holden, YSHS Principal Jack Hatert, teachers, and staff for their continued support of this important partnership program at the schools.

We are still fundraising. The YSCF & board has a goal to raise the remaining $3,900. We invite you to become an Impact Partner and invest in our youth today. You can donate by cash, check or online – even cryptocurrency.

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