Hellin Scholarship for Future Thinkers

The Hellin Scholarship for Future Thinkers is intended to incentivize students to research and think critically about the future they are planning for themselves. $1,750 is available to a YSHS senior interested in furthering their high school education.

Students will be required to answer the following questions on their application:

  • What is the name of your selected school?
  • What is the graduation rate of your selected school? See bigfuture.collegeboard.org
  • Have you researched whether your intended college(s) has a co-op or internship program? If it does, do you intend to take advantage of this program?
  • Which, if any, extracurricular activities are you are planning to participate in at your intended school?
  • Based on career & cost of living, how long do you project it will take to pay off your school loan, should you receive a loan?
  • What field would you like to apply your education in eventually? What interests you in this field?
  • Look up your dream job or any relevant career on bigfuture.collegeboard.org/career-search. What is the listed median income?
  • Are there any other fields or majors you considered? Why have you decided against them?

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