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Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse Legacy Scholarship


This scholarship honors the legacy of the YSKP’s Mission to put youth on the ground floor of artistic endeavors or innovative initiatives with big themes and big ideas that strive to achieve an aesthetic understanding of the complex times that we live in. The scholarship will go to a YSHS  Graduate who applies for and meets the following criteria; the annual scholarship will be pursuant to the following:

  1. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a YSHS graduate who is interested in pursuing advanced education and training in art and innovation related practices;
  2. The recipient must demonstrate examples of innovative practices in their academic or extra-curricular activities while in enrolled at YS High School.
  3. There is no grade point requirement.
  4. Financial need will be considered.
  5. Long range educational plans will be considered.
  6. Two letters of Recommendation from teachers or other community mentors are required.

(YS Community Foundation manages this scholarship)

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