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Ondess and Fressa Baker Inman Fund

Established 1983 Created by a bequest from Fressa Inman, for many years an administrator at Antioch College, where her husband, Ondess, had been a professor.

NAMI Endowment Fund

To provide funds to support NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization,

Mary Jane Bachtell Memorial Fund

Established 1984 To benefit students interested in creative writing, this endowment provides an annual distribution to support the YS School’s extracurricular group, Power of the

Lee Morgan Community Soccer Endowment

Established 2001 Morgan, long-time president of The Antioch Company and an avid soccer player, established this fund to continue the tradition of complete access to

Lauren Heaton Scholarship Fund

In memory of native villager and longtime Yellow Springs News reporter Lauren Heaton, the News is raising funds for an annual scholarship in her name.

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