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YSEE Grant Process

Superintendent Endorsement

Prior to submitting to the Foundation, the YS Public Schools superintendent must review and endorse applications to assure compliance with school policy and philosophy. Two letters of support are recommended to address how this project would benefit educational needs within the public schools.

What is Not Funded

Funding requests for individual educational opportunities and associated expenses will not be considered. In general, previously funded projects will not be subsequently considered.

Application Review Process

All applications are reviewed by the YSEE Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations to the Yellow Springs Community Foundation Board of Trustees, who make the final decisions.


Complete applications must be submitted by the first day of the month. The YSEE Advisory Committee will attempt to review the application and make recommendations during the month it is received. Upon approval, the Foundation will contact the applicant and send funds to the Treasurer of the YS Schools. Prior to the release of monies, the School Board and Treasurer must approve the expenditures.

Final Report

A final report must be completed online within 30 days of the end of the project.

Tax-exempt contributions from community members, school alumni, civic organizations, and businesses to the YSEE Fund of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation fund these grants.


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