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Ondess and Fressa Baker Inman Fund

Established 1983 Created by a bequest from Fressa Inman, for many years an administrator at Antioch College, where her husband, Ondess, had been a professor.

Kenneth C. Tregillus Endowment Fund

Established 2008 Support for the performing arts or similar and related activities which may enhance the cultural life in Yellow Springs and physical sciences in

Glen Helen Building Maintenance Fund

Established 1975 The Glen Helen Building Maintenance Fund was created by Vernay Laboratories, Inc., to pay for maintenance and related activities of the Glen Helen

Glen Helen Acquisition Fund

To finance the acquisition of Glen Helen Nature Preserve by the Glen Helen Association and its associated entity, GHA Glen Operations LLC, by providing funds

General Endowment

Established 1974 Begun with a $10,000 gift from the Miami Deposit Bank in memory of Jim Mitchell, the husband of Dorothy Mitchell Gish, one of

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